Analyze --> Select --> Generate --> Assign --> Perform --> Review --> Invoice

Basic Operating Concept

1ANALYZE draft solicitation/RFP requirements. Discuss client support needs. Make staffing recommendations. Provide resumes, work statement and cost estimate.

2SELECT Proposal Specialist(s) on basis of mutually agreed-to writing/consulting tasks (CADRE and/or client generated SOW) usually beginning with assignment of Team Leader.

3GENERATE necessary security paperwork and visitor requests. Execute required NDA, contractor agreements, etc.

4ASSIGN Proposal Specialist(s) directly at client site or work remotely to conserve B&P dollars and travel expenses when possible.

5PERFORM proposal planning, management and writing assignments on day-to-day basis with oral contacts to all affected client/subcontractor personnel.

6REVIEW and periodically update our staffing plan.
Make subsequent recommendations.

7INVOICE client weekly against approved expended man-days. CADRE’s Fee Schedule offers fixed daily billing rates vs. costly hourly rates


“I would like to express my sincere thanks for the job done by Mr. Galen Mitchell. When Galen came aboard, we were already in trouble. Our first draft, written before he arrived was so bad it was scrapped. Galen helped us generate a new outline and worked with each of the people responsible to show them how to do a better job. Morale here was never good but when people were shown how to do a better job, enthusiasm spread. People became proud of what they were doing and worked hard at doing better. The resulting proposal was superior.

At a later meeting with our customer – the US Postal Service – they stated that our proposal was outstanding and the best they had ever seen from our company. These comments were made at fact finding session. We were all in Washington with luggage expecting to be there for several days. The meeting, to our surprise, lasted about 45 minutes. The customer stated that he had no technical questions. As our proposal was so well written and organized, everything he needed was there. And then, best of all, he said “Have someone come down on Friday and pick-up your contract” – which we did.”
– Unisys Corporation, Postal Systems Div.

Experience – Quality – Track-Record – Commitment – Ethics